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Application of stainless steel screen decoration

Ka manawa: 2021-09-17 Nā Hits: 1

The stainless steel screen can bring out the European style garden decoration style. This style mainly takes the white wall as the main tonal. The furniture of this style is made of pure handmade cloth art, and it is decorated with broken flowers, stripes and Scotland style. Every cloth art is full of local flavor. The raw materials of furniture are mostly pine and toon wood. The manufacturing and carving are all purely manual and very exquisite. European style seeks richness, elegance, and nobility in elegance.


There is a flat rose gold stainless steel screen on the living room wall. The indoor ceiling lamp shines a dark yellow light. The screen and the living room furniture set off each other. Yellow and green flowers are placed on the black-and-white table. The spotlight shines on the European simple decoration style. Ivory white is the main color, light color is the main color, and dark color is the auxiliary pad, showing an atmospheric and natural style, The plan leads to a new invention and the innovation sought by the new modern.

The elements of interior planning, especially the style and temperament, are the main performance of decoration. The rose gold stainless steel screen carries out the concept of space interval, integrates the planning performance, and makes full use of ancient and modern cutting art techniques for planning. Doors and windows are combined with the West building structure; Or the comprehensive planning of the combination of traditional screens and modern environment makes the indoor space modern, lack of traces of traditional artistic charm and expressive planning elements, and self harmonic, novel and comfortable indoor space environment.

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