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New Zealand introduces emission reduction plan to accelerate the promotion of electric vehicles

Ka manawa: 2022-05-28 Nā Hits: 4

According to New Zealand media reports, last week, the New Zealand government set a greenhouse gas emission reduction target for the next 14 years as part of its net zero emission target by 2050. It said it would initially allocate NZ $2.9 billion (about US $1.8 billion) within four years to fund a series of emission reduction projects in agriculture, construction, energy sources, transportation and other fields.

The important content of the plan is to strengthen the emission reduction in the field of transportation and accelerate the popularization of electric vehicles. The government will continue to offer discounts on clean energy vehicles to encourage the purchase of low emission vehicles, invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and help low - and middle-income families buy electric vehicles after reporting waste and high fuel consumption vehicles. It will also try out an electric vehicle rental plan.

The goal is to decarbonize the entire public transport fleet by 2035. An electric car rental scheme will also be piloted. It is estimated that at least 30% of light vehicles in New Zealand will be electric vehicles by 2035.

In addition, the New Zealand government will also ban the construction of new medium and low temperature coal-fired boilers and phase out existing boilers by 2037. The plan also proposes to study hydrogen as an alternative energy and formulate a hydrogen energy development strategy. These initiatives will be funded by a New Zealand $4.5 billion climate emergency fund.