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One of the stainless steel surface treatment----anti finger print

Ka manawa: 2021-09-02 Nā Hits: 1

Stainless steel anti-finger print function
The stainless steel surface is processed by advanced anti finger print process to increase the beauty and durability of metal decorative plates. Its main purpose is to prevent people from leaving fingerprints on the surface when touching these plates, so as not to stain the surface with oil, sweat and dust.
anti finger print technology changes the problem that obvious anti finger print will be left when the stainless steel surface is touched. In addition, the anti finger print process can make the surface gloss of colored stainless steel more durable and lasting, and reduce the time of daily maintenance.


Stainless steel anti finger print process
Anti-finger print processing will not damage the appearance of the base course. At the same time, if the color film of the color plate will not peel off, the stains can be completely removed by wiping with a dust-free cloth. anti finger print plates are generally made of high-quality stainless steel plates or rolls, which are processed into various color stainless steel decorative plates or rolls through dozens of processes, such as sanding, snow sanding, wire drawing, polishing, 8K mirror grinding, embossing, titanium plating, copper plating, etc., and finally fingerprint free treatment is carried out on the surface.

What are the advantages of stainless steel without anti-finger print
1. It is easy to clean surface stains and does not need metal cleaning agent. Some chemicals will blacken the surface of stainless steel plate; Moreover, it is not easy to stick fingerprints, dust, delicate hand feel, and has super fingerprint resistance and antifouling effect.
2. The transparent film without fingerprint can protect the metal surface from being scratched easily, because the surface electroplated gold oil has good film property, high hardness, and is not easy to peel, pulverize, yellowing, etc.
3. It has strong appearance texture, oily moisturizing, soft hand feel, and retains a good metal texture.
4. Anti-finger print plate changes the cold and rigid characteristics of metal, and looks warm, elegant and decorative.
5.Stainless steel has excellent Anti-finger print antirust performance, forms a protective film on the metal surface, effectively prevents the outside from eroding the inside of the metal, and greatly prolongs the service life.

Why should the anti finger print process be adopted for the color plate?
According to the characteristics of stainless steel and the test data of finished products in the early stage, the anti finger print process must be adopted to complete the protection of the plate surface. Because it was found in the early test process that the same stainless steel material has made the anti-finger print part and has not made the anti-finger print part, which has a great difference in the effect of resisting the same external pollution.
After bending and shearing, the storage and use time of the stainless steel plate without fingerprint is much longer than that of the stainless steel plate without fingerprint.